So, another terrorist?

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What we missed was a terrorist trying to blow up a plan on approach to Detroit. Then another one tried to do the same thing. Both failed.
Two points here…
1) How exactly, given the asinine levels of security we’ve been forced to deal with since 9/11, did this happen?
2) If the aforementioned security was inadequate, why don’t we just ditch the whole damn thing and start over with air marshals? With tasers or some kind of gun that can kill but not puncture the airframe? Or, simply, isn’t it clear at this point that we’re all kinda hyperaware of terrorism and ready to beat ANY motherfucker down who tries to blow us up while traveling in an aluminum tube?

Representative Peter King of New York, the ranking Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee, was critical of he Obama administration as well as Ms. Napolitano, who said repeatedly on the Sunday programs that the system had “worked” because passengers jumped on Mr. Abdulmutallab as he tried to ignite a highly explosive powder mixture, PETN, also called pentaerythritol tetranitrate, that he had taped to his leg.

WOW. Que the politicos with the dumbest bullshit of all. Rep. King will, of course, demand tougher security screenings and try to drop the President in the grease which will earn Rep. King a hearty “GO FUCK YOURSELF” from people all over this country. As for HSS Napolitano, the system, with all due respect, fucking failed. A terrorist with a bomb got an a plane bound for the US. Period. What the passengers did was exactly what they were going to do and what some tried to do even on 9/11. Simply put, woe be to any terrorist who tries to fuck with a plane full of Americans.
To be perfectly honest, I’m surprised this particular asshole made it to the ground alive. I know if I had been on that flight, I would have tried has hard as I could to crack his skull open. I’m not generally violent, but when someone tries to fuck with my life I have a nasty reaction to it.
Terrorism will never stop. Period. It never has. Particular terrorist movements end up destabilizing when both sides agree to compromise and end up reaching a peaceful solution. Obviously, we aren’t there yet. So, we need to show the terrorists and their families that Americans aren’t soft. Americans are way fucking meaner than our military and if you try to kill us on a plane, WE’LL catch you. If you’re lucky, you might make it to the ground alive and receive the benefit of our criminal justice system. But it’s really more likely we’ll kill you in flight.
And if that happens all the broadcast networks should be forced to carry footage of what the passengers did to the body. The message needs to get through, don’t bring your bullshit here. You’ll fail. And our citizens will kill you. And every passenger involved in such an action should receive immunity from prosecution and be held harmless from any civil action.
Yeah, maybe it is vigilante justice. Let’s see how you feel about it when at 30k feet someone decides to blow up the plane you’re on.

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