Rep. Brady with the stupid…

It’s always good that the Republican caucus gives even their c-team the chance to go out on the field. It’s super big of them and, well, reminds us all that there’s someone standing up for stupid in Congress.
Today, it was Representative Kevin Brady who was interviewed by Bloomberg and decided to throw President Obama, Democrats and their mutual puppetmasters, the ever evil Unions, for not creating jobs by not passing weak trade deals negotiated by the weakest of all possible weak sisters, President George W. Bush. In point of fact, any time you hear Kevin say something is good, do some research. Today, he thinks we should pass a trade agreement with South Korea, despite the fact that it opens US markets to their companies far more than it opens their markets to our companies.
Kevin thinks we should pass it anyway since it would give us access to their markets (which people smarter than Kevin say won’t happen) and made some demonstrably false claim about the Europeans selling stuff in S Korea like it was going out of style. Which they really aren’t. He completely glossed over the fact that S Korea has a long, rich history of dumping products from cars to memory chips in the United States, bankrupting our manufacturers, and engaging in the kind of currency manipulation that would make a money launderer blush.
Of course I’m not the only one saying this is a piss poor deal...

A high-ranking Korean official recently admitted to me that the conclusion of the free trade deal between the U.S. and Korea would not result in any significant increase in U.S. exports to Korea.
Some are warning that the recent conclusion of a free-trade deal between the European Union and Korea will put the U.S. at a disadvantage in the Korean market. I’m not very worried about this. The Europeans are unlikely to gain much benefit from the deal and I’d be willing to bet that Korean exports to the EU will climb much more rapidly than EU exports to Korea.

Kevin, bubba, boneheaded decisions like this will put this entire country in the crapper. You’re so willing to score cheap political points, you’ll sell out your own constituents to do it. That’s pretty fucking shameful.
Of course, if you really meant what you said then you need to resign from Congress. You’re clearly too goddamn stupid to be there and Americans can’t afford to have you running around fucking up the economy which is what your opinions and ideas will do.

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