The Nuge…

Three of the most repulsive human beings currently walking the Earth will be hanging out together this Sunday which can only mean one thing…
Noted racist homophobe Ted Nugent will be performing at a rally in support of Sarah Palin who will be there to support 39% who will be there to represent the pitiable. 39% has even decided that Nugent deserved the following praise…

“Not only is Ted one of our nation’s greatest performers, but his dedication to upholding our nation’s Second Amendment rights has been crucial to maintaining the freedom we are able to enjoy as Americans every day,” said Gov. Perry. “I look forward to Ted’s performance, and to the opportunity to join both him and Sarah Palin in sharing the success story Texas has achieved through our state’s unwavering commitment to conservative values based on the belief in limited government and individual freedom.”

First off, how fucked up is it that 39% said this AFTER Nuge had already agreed to perform? I mean, we’ve all heard the rumors but could this be proof positive that 39% likes to suck cock? Second, is there anyone, anywhere, who seriously thinks that Ted Nugent is somehow responsible for the fact that our Canadian overlords haven’t descended from the frigid north to wreck havoc and force us to say ‘aboot’ instead of ‘about’?
Put your hand down, 39%.
In other Republican campaign news, Marvin Hamlisch will be performing at a North Dallas Luby’s for Sen. Hutchison and Britney Spears will be performing (You Drive Me) Crazy, in a continuous loop for two hours, at a Plano area fundraiser for Debra Medina. After, they’ll hold a panel discussion entitled “If it ain’t in thar, ya cain’t do it : A primer for morons on the US Constitution”.

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