More Endorsements

Nothing like a swift kick in the ass from McB to make me push through a few more endorsements. Sorry if you’ve already voted, instead of waiting breathlessly for me to tell you what to do.
The State Board of Education has been a cluster of epic proportions since the Republican Party figured out it was a sleeper position no one paid attention to and took it over. Well, WE’RE PAYING ATTENTION NOW.
The 5th District is represented by a guy who believes dinosaurs were Jesus ponies, and he keeps telling people that kids aren’t allowed to ask questions in science class. Had he ever been in a science class, he might know better. For the Democrats, there is a pile of candidates, and some of them are pretty good. But, since we have to pick one, I suggest Rebecca Bell-Metereau. She knows her stuff, she’ll work effectively with the remainder of the Board, and will not be an embarrassment like the incumbent on his best day, even on her worst day. Let’s try to get her out of this race without an expensive runoff, OK?
JP 2
Wow. Some people just won’t go away. Some people don’t get that they are not good candidates, no matter what office they run for. This is why I suggest that all of you fine voters in Precinct 2 vote for Karin Crump. The backlog in that court is too hefty for us to waste time on a poor candidate with no legal training. No, you don’t HAVE to be a lawyer to be on the JP Court Bench, but it’s a good idea. Karin is smart, and will be an asset to the court that the Last Republican Standing has neglected so badly.
Pct 220 Chair
Once again, we’re looking at a contested precinct chair race. What makes me think that Jan Soifer is a good candidate? She cares. It’s not to say that Richard Anton (the incumbent) doesn’t care. I believe he does. However, there’s not a whole lot of moving and shaking going on in a precinct that has 1,771 registered voters, but only 289 ballots cast in the November 2008 election. Yes, there are a lot of precincts that did better, and a whole lot more that did worse. But Jan is actively campaigning for the job, so I think she should get the chance to prove what she can accomplish in the next two years.

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