Shit! You mean 39% was WRONG?!?!

39% and douchebag luminaries like AG Abbott (who recently got spanked by BAR, nice work!) and Ag Commissioner Todd Staples (he of the GIANT FREAK HEAD), have been bitching and moaning about EPA’s proposal to regulate carbon emissions, mostly based on their mistaken belief that climate change isn’t real.
You may remember Hank rather neatly putting them in their place on that particular issue. Of course, it wasn’t hard considering he’s a pretty smart guy and they are, collectively, about as smart as a kitten that was starved of oxygen in the womb. To help with others afflicted with delusional thinking, there’s now a convenient visual aid to show that climate change is real… it won’t, of course, sway them because these men are hell bent on fighting common sense and empirical fact in the service of their true masters, their campaign contributors who mean (literally) the world to them.
For the rest of you, here’s the map of the US showing temperature changes over the last 50 years. It helps to look at this when you start to think that maybe Myron Ebell is right and it’s not getting warmer.

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