The CW aims low, hits ‘High Society’

tinsley.jpgHas anyone watched this? I was already aware of Tinsley Mortimer before she began ger tragicomic turn on ‘High Society’. A few years back I read a short article on her in Vogue and gleaned from it that she was a dainty, frilly thing that swathed herself in frothy pink Marchesa confections and ate tea cakes. A real, live modern day Miss Muffet, if you’ll allow. But now, thanks to the CW (and God’s punishment), we can all be privy to all things Tinsley, along with the dog turds who make up her deranged coterie.
Tinsley has left her husband and is starting a new life. She seems nice but idiotic. I’ve never been married, so I’m no expert on relationships. However, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that if you have to press your cleaning lady to the point of her obvious discomfort on whether you should reconcile with your estranged husband, you have issues. Just saying. I’m all for starting over, but it seems her only objectives are to hawk tacky studded handbags and make out with Constantine from ‘American Idol’. I don’t think I’m alone in saying “Ewww” to the latter. At least she is more interesting than her sister. Her sister makes the chicks from ‘Fly Girls’ look complex.
The real red meat of the show hinges upon the maniacal rantings of Paul Johnson Calderon, an effeminate cackling monster whose only real claim to fame appears to be circling Tinsley in a tight orbit. When he’s not throwing drinks in peoples faces, the little bow tied menace is tearing down sconces. Yes, sconces. I do enjoy his comments though, especially when they are coherent. It’s also fun to watch as he bilks his mother for thousands of dollars which, upon receipt, he throws away on liquor, ridiculous clothing, and his model zombie boyfriend. I don’t think the stylist career is going to happen unless he finds clients who want to look like Erkel. With perhaps some stringy black hair trim for the ladies.
His nemesis, Jules Kirby, is an endearing little shitbag with the heart of a neo-Nazi. Now, don’t be fooled! She does not dislike blacks and Jews. Don’t be deceived by the CW’s tricky editing! The real truth is she hates blacks, Jews, fat people, and generally anyone not equally wealthy. Oh, and maids. The sad thing is that even the female equivalent of Archie Bunker has friends and enjoys an active social life. Despite the fact that she looks like she’s been rode hard and put up wet, she is doted upon as to leave no doubt that the little bitch has more money than God. What she doesn’t have apparently is a PR person, or a fucking parent, to reign in her incredibly offensive behavior. The only good thing I can say about her is she’s not Devorah Rose.
Oh, Devorah Rose. What a sad, odd looking, little creature. She’s like a troll doll that has been left outside and warped by the sun. She would provoke viewer pity if she weren’t such a soulless sycophant. Her moronic sense of entitlement is bested only by her thirst for notoriety. Frankly, I think anyone who talks about going to ‘war’ with anyone is an imbecile that should be shot at point blank range. Especially when your target is as inane as Tinsley fucking Mortimer. It’s like proving how important you are by kicking a Pomeranian. She richly deserved the tongue-lashing she received from Tinsley’s mother.
I was confused by the inclusion of Dale Mercer to the cast, Tinsleys mama (she’s from the south). I thought ‘Oh, her mother is there to show that they’re not all insane’. But, alas, that was not the case. Dale does not function as a source of wisdom to counteract the stupidity. No, Dale is an express train to Crazytown! A highly enjoyable beacon of inappropriate behavior! I LOVED when she chased Tinsley and her date around the ballroom! This show makes my eyes bleed, but if she’s included in a second season, I am totally in! Tune in to the season finale tonight!

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