Dewhurst, you ignorant slut

Unless you’ve been trapped under Bill Hammond’s ample ass (IT JUST NEVER GETS OLD), you’re aware that the state is facing a massive budgetary shortfall in the next biennium because of incompetence on the part of the Lt. Governor, Governor and Republican leadership.
Well, it’s also due to a particularly nasty recession but they can’t really use that as an excuse since 39% says we’re doing just swell (which even R’s don’t believe any more but is still funny since it means we’ve finally reached the point where The Big Lie can’t overcome Reality). We could use federal money to close the gap, but the Republicans have been bitching about bailouts and debt publicly (and privately, with Republican members of the Texas Congressional delegation, begging for as much federal money as they can get their hands on. Go on, say it ain’t so, 39%). Needless to say, our options are either
1) Massive cuts to essential services
2) Raising revenue through (gasp!) taxes
Dumb David Dewhurst finally figured that out and said as much in this piece. But then he went on to say that doing away with Health Care Reform was a big priority because it was going to cost the state a bunch of money. Which it won’t since the Feds are picking up most of the tab (that whole efficiency thing).
So, why did Dewhurst lie? It can’t just be to throw reporters of this scent of his incompetence since their nostrils are lousy with that stench. So what is it? Did he just not understand the problem?

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