Oh, fuck… ANOTHER deficit hawk on the right

At WILLisms, there’s a massive amount of concern about the deficit because of some IMF report.
While I’m not entirely sure what part of Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid or DoD Will would like to cut, I am certain the mook (I mean come on, he works for 39% and was crowing about that stupid Rasmussen poll that listed Latinos as ‘other’*) probably thinks that cutting jobless benefits and food assistance for the poor will solve the problem entirely.
Of course, it won’t. Will also apparently doesn’t get that with an estimated 16% of the working age population either unemployed or underemployed, there’s a whole lotta money going out and not a lot coming in to government (it’s also worth noting that government’s take of the national income is actually pretty low right now, thanks to the tax cuts the Democrats passed last year). It’s during times like these you absolutely need government to do just that. The amazing thing is that as the economy strengthens, the money stops going out for assistance and starts getting paid in as taxes which automatically resolves the deficit, as long as we don’t decide to cut taxes even further to the left on the Laffer Curve.
Will can’t be expected to understand what the IMF was really saying since, according to Krugman, not many did. So, he took some time to explain it. Now by clicking here you can be smarter than Will.
Finally, as a variation on WHERE THE FUCK WERE YOU WHEN… that I always like to ask know-it-all dbags, I’d like to ask Will, DUDE, where the FUCK were you when Shrub and The Republicans turned a massive surplus into a deficit?
Hypocrisy makes me goddamn sick.
*Don’t get me wrong… White, for me, embodies all the enthusiasm and excitement of a box of hair. However, he’s eminently more able than 39% who, after his coyote shootout in Westlake (REALLY, MoFo?), really defines ‘pussy’. I know girls who used to go jogging in the fucking Bronx without a gun and Rick Perry seriously felt threatened by a coyote? IN WESTLAKE?!?!
Pansy ass motherfucker. Another Republican who is all hat and no damn cattle.

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