Oh. Sure. Blame the whiskey.

Some asshole in Montana got drunk and took a shot at a cop. The officer, rightfully, shot back at him and put said asshole out of the misery of (apparently) just about everyone who knew him. Sadly, this is the kind of thing that happens too often in this country, one of the many reasons I try to be nice when I’m being stopped. Imagine what it’s like for an officer working traffic, never knowing if the person they’ve stopped is going to pull a gun.
But that’s not really the point of this post. No, this is about an asshole who was, according to everyone who knew him, an asshole because of whiskey.

Witnesses testified Tuesday that Davis’ taste for whiskey and a bad case of jealousy were to blame for the fatal confrontation.
Shannon Diaz, bar manager at Hamilton’s Office and Silver Coin Casino, said Davis was acting strange enough on the evening of Jan. 1 that she wouldn’t serve alcohol to him.
“He was completely not like himself … when he starts drinking whiskey, he just completely turns into a different person,” Diaz said.
She told him he needed to leave.
Davis returned later and found his girlfriend, Diaz and another man sitting outside. The man – who is African-American – had loaned Davis’ girlfriend his coat.
That set off Davis, Diaz said.
He shouted racial epithets and later texted the same to his girlfriend. When he returned to the bar, Diaz had bouncers and her husband put him out.
She said someone later received a text message saying Davis had a gun.
Tracy Womack, owner of the Ponderosa Bar, said Davis was fine when she first saw him around 9 p.m., but she knew he’d been fighting with his girlfriend when he came back later and continued drinking.
When Davis’ girlfriend came back to the Ponderosa later, she asked to hide behind the bar.
“She sat on a little stool. … She didn’t want him to see her,” Womack said.
He spotted her the second time he came back and started yelling racial epithets at her again. Womack told him to leave.
“I knew I needed to protect her and get him gone,” she said.
Davis moved to the Rainbow Bar, where he continued to drink.
The bartender there, Nicholas Renzo, remembered wrapping up Davis’ hand, which was bleeding.
“He said he hit a wall or something. … Anyone who knows him, knows he shouldn’t drink whiskey,” Renzo testified. “He gets violent.”
He later told Renzo later he had a gun.
Just before Davis got ready to leave at about 1:30 a.m., he looked at Renzo and told him “It was nice knowing you. I’m not going to see you for a while.”
Renzo said he thought was the alcohol talking.

This guy was shouting racial epithets at someone who was just talking to his girlfriend? Yeah, it wasn’t the whiskey. This guy was just an asshole.
I’m writing about this because it pisses me off when people blame liquor for behaving like dicks. Liquor did nothing to these people, except try to give them a little happiness and booze shits. Even the cheapest, nastiest whiskey doesn’t demand that you try to murder a policeman just to make it happy.

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