So done…

So, after installing a Windows service pack my speakers (which had been working perfectly) no longer work. Which is awesome. So awesome, in fact, that I’m done with Windows and Microsoft.
Yes, that’s right… I’m moving to Mac as soon as I’m able to make the switch. I take it for granted that I will have problems with any computer. However, they seem to have a lot less. I just want to work, not deal with a bunch of piddly ass bullshit and requests for money for customer support. You made the shit, motherfuckers. It should work right from the get-go or don’t release it.
Seriously, so done with you bitches.

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4 Responses to So done…

  1. johncoby says:

    You probably didn’t check the \WINNT\drivers\syssnd.sys. If you find it delete it. Reboot while holding the cntrl-alt-s-shift-P keys down. Reinstall the service pack but only for the sound drivers. Reboot normally.
    Then buy a Mac. $999 for the base model. 18 months no interest at Best Buy. My kids bought one each.

  2. johncoby says:

    You know I was kidding right? Put the pc down. Go buy a mac. And remember, Windows 7 was some dumbf**** idea.

  3. jobsanger says:

    I have to agree with John. Just get a Mac. I bought my first Mac about a year ago and I love it.

  4. Mayor McSleaze says:

    Jeez, McB, the Pod People got to you.