Palin endorses Fiorina

Quitter Governor Sarah Palin endorsed Carly Fiorina in the CA Senate race. Here’s my favorite part…

Carly is the Commonsense Conservative that California needs and our country could sure use in these trying times. Most importantly, she’s running for the right reasons. She has an understanding that is sorely lacking in D.C. She’s not a career politician. She’s a businesswoman who has run a major corporation. She knows how to really incentivize job creation. Her fiscal conservatism is rooted in real life experience. She knows that when government grows, the private sector shrinks under the burden of debt and deficits. We can trust Carly to do the right thing for America’s economy and to make the principled decisions she has throughout her professional career.

Oh, sure… she’s BRILLIANT at business. At her last real big job, as CEO of Hewlett Packard, she was best known for almost collapsing the company and, of course, making HWP shareholders poorer. Given that, is it any surprise that a failed Governor would endorse a failed CEO?
Fiorina is the penultimate symbol of what’s wrong with American Capitalism… the celebrity CEO and the mostly worthless managerial class which has, since the 80’s, been focused almost exclusively on making themselves rich at the expense of shareholders. Fiorina and her ilk are parasites on an economy they have been sucking dry for almost 40 years.
Help out Senator Boxer. She needs to crush Fiorina so, hopefully, she’ll finally go away. Or write another book filled with her dumb ideas that lead, inevitably, to disaster.

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