Oh my… but that’s not the way math works

So the Libertarians had their conclave this weekend here in Austin and I missed it because I was too busy running errands and laughing at some of the rather generously fed folks in town for the ROT rally. I did see this piece in the Statesman that included this AWESOME quote from the Libertarians candidate for Governor.

“In a three-way race, more than 33 percent takes it. We can do this,” Glass told attendees. “A chance like this does not come around very often and may not come around again in our lifetimes.”

Using this logic, Chris Bell would have only needed 25% in 2006 (which he exceeded). So yeah, Kathie Glass, you’ll need to go over 33%. In fact, I predict that the winner in this election will come in first.
Seriously, y’all, I’m really trying to be nice here… I LIKE the Libertarians. Their childish belief in the perfection of a market made up of imperfect humans aside (and yes, I get that Ayn Rand’s seductive… but then you grow up and start reading better books that are well written and not wholly dependent on such stark contrasts), they’re very much like Democrats when it comes to social issues. But y’all have got to learn to do electoral calculations and y’all just don’t have the numbers.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy y’all are in the race. It might actually sharpen up the other 39% and White.

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