So, what replaces Twitter?

Patton Oswalt decided to set up a Twitter account. He’s also committed to join whatever replaces it and was nice enough to post some of his predictions for services that stand a chance of being Twitter 2.0:

BlipBlap: Basically Twitter, but only 17 characters allowed, and no vowels. Xclnt!
Wh1ff: The first-ever “scent site” — you update your status from an “odor board” of 170 different scents. “(Snnnnnnfff) Patton had chili for lunch and he’s somewhere humid.”
DanzaQuip: Every single status update on this site is first sent to Tony Danza’s personal e-mail. He then decides which ones to post, and is the only one who can respond or comment. (*This site will replace the U.S. Post Office in 2027)

I leave you with one of his bits from the 90’s that will sing to you if you (like me) grew up watching Bob Ross and Wm. Alexander on PBS…

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