39% and his minions…

There is nothing more desperate than 39%’s campaign this year. Even the actions of Todd Staples, who is busily hiding everything he’s been doing (or not doing), pale in comparison to the actions of Team 39% who have been breathlessly pimping a non-story for days. The latest comedy has been the attack on Bill White regarding an investment in a company that helped out during Hurricane Rita by supplying generators as a backup power source to a treatment plant that processed water for more than 600,000 people. 39%’s flacks breathlessly got on the phones and pimped the story like Heidi Fleiss trying to fill out a Saturday night.
The only problem with the story is that White made the investment AFTER the decision had been made to use the company. The media, to their credit, picked up on that rather quickly and realized that Team 39%’s efforts were the equivalent of shouting fire because they see an ashtray. That did not, however, stop them from properly pointing out just how disastrous the response was from a clearly unprepared White campaign.
White’s folks haven’t been real vocal, in contrast, regarding the actually smelly deals 39% made using Enterprise funds with campaign contributors, not to mention the pressure he’s exerted directly and indirectly on certain processes at the state level to the benefit (again) of campaign contributors. They did have a nice little hit on 39%’s refusal to take the unemployment stimulus funds, supposedly because it would lead to higher taxes on business. Turns out, that was a lie, taxes went up and we were without the money the Feds would have returned to us (since it IS our tax dollars, after all). 39%, as it turns out, shoulda taken a page from Todd Staples re-election book and spread around some federal money or at least used to it do something other than balance the massive hole in the budget 39%’s incompetence put there. And pay for his nice rental mansion.
Then today, Team 39% came right off the rails when his staff thought it would be a good idea to have a press conf so they can, yet again, beat the dead horse regarding Bill White’s investing prowess (which, as a side note, it’s pretty clear that White’s a hell of a lot better at managing money than 39%). The only problem is the morons had their little shindig at the Travis County Democratic Party’s Coordinated Campaign where Bill White’s campaign has space. Surely there would be no Democrats there.
While Jesus may love 39%, everyone else thinks he’s an asshole, including Democrats in Travis County and they showed that today. Enjoy.

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