Smoky Joe Barton attempts to go down on Tony Hayward

During a hearing Thursday regarding BP’s disaster in the Gulf, Representative Joe Barton (R – TXI) said that ‘he was embarrassed that a private company was subjected to a shakedown’ in reference to the deal cut on Wednesday between BP and the Obama Administration which will see the company put $20 billion into a fund to be managed by a third party to alleviate the costs associated with the disaster. The move was meant to assure those effected by the spill that BP would make good on it’s promise to pay for their disaster.
This is really quite funny because even in the Greatest Group of Whores Ever Assembled (also known as the House Republican Caucus), Barton is a standout. He’s long been on his knees for Texas Industries and willing to do anything for anyone who needs to dump their waste into the air, water or soil on which his constituents depend. Just ask anyone in management at XTO.
Yeah, Joe Barton is sleazy and borderline corrupt. The most shocking thing about Barton is that he makes Tom Daschle look like a decent public servant in comparison. It might help to think me less mean in my criticism if you knew that Barton’s largest corporate donor base was Anadarko Petroleum which was a 25% partner in Deepwater Horizon, the rig drilling the gusher now flowing as much as 120k barrels of oil a day into the Gulf. Since 1989, more than $146,000 has come from Anadarko personnel and PACs.
Just so we’re crystal, let’s all take a moment and realize that BP went out of it’s way to cut corners on this well. The decision to only partially line the well with concrete is just one of many that led not only to the disaster but to it’s severity. Add in that BP has consistently lied about the size of the field (it’s MASSIVE) and about the flow rate (it’s ALWAYS been higher… Matt Simmons and other we’re putting it in the 100k bbl/day range more than a month ago) and then combine all that with BP’s abysmal safety record and you have a pretty clear indication of just how much BP cares about doing business the right way.
That $20 bn was letting them off cheap, despite the President’s bullshit about an operational BP being better than a dead BP. Frankly, I think the government should nationalize all of BP’s assets in the US and in accessible areas of the world and liquidate over time. This was absolutely willful negligence and Rep. Barton would like us to pay for it.
Fuck you, Joe. Right to hell.
PDiddy has more including a link to Barton’s opponent.

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