Hank pwns Todd Staples

Hank has been scoring hit after hit on Toll Road Todd, the magical gnome of the TDA. Here’s a brief run down of all the releases the campaign has sent out. Recently, BOR, Brains and Eggs, Dos Centavos and the Austin Chronicle had good write ups on the developing scandal with the decision to award a major TDA contract to an out of state corporation controlled by lobbyists.
Staples response was the relevy attacks made by Kinky Friedman in the primary. Since, you know, they HAVEN’T ALREADY SATURATED THE ELECTORATE. Just as a tip to Staples, you can run crappy oppo like this against an opponent who
1) Has tried to hide it (Hank never has and it’s been public record for more than 10 years)
2) Has a difficult time explaining it (Hank can do it in 10 words or less)
3) Won’t fight back
Staples, having met an inexperienced and woefully underfinanced Hank in 2006, continues to panic and throw everything against him. Unfortunately for Staples, the only candidate in this race landing hits is Hank who continuously makes Staples look ridiculous and, well, incompetent (which it’s increasing clear, he is). Now Hank wants to know what Toll Road Todd is trying to hide

In light of the scandal surrounding the $3 million dollar contract awarded to a questionable Kentucky non-profit by Staples and the Texas Department of Agriculture, Gilbert said voters need to know what Staples is trying to hide by failing to disclose his tax returns.
“We already know that Staples owns stock in at least two telecommunications companies that are partners with Connected Nation. The big question is, ‘what don’t we know,’” Gilbert said. “At a time when transparency in government and from our elected officials is demanded at every turn, the contrast between Todd Staples and an officeholder that is behaving in a transparent manner is like the difference between chicken salad and chicken–well, you know,” Gilbert concluded.

What kind of side income is Staples trying to hide? What kind of deals has he cut at the expense of Texas taxpayers, other than the ones we already know? Why is Staples hiding behind a 10 year old fight Hank had with the IRS rather than being a man and showing his returns?
What is Toll Road Todd hiding from voters now?

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