Why yes, it’s alwasy this humid here

If you’re not in Corpus for the convention, then you probably don’t know that it’s really hot and very humid. According to one of our local experts, IT’S ALWAYS LIKE THIS. Which honestly makes me pretty sure that I won’t be coming here ever again.
So far, there’s extraordinarily little to report. The caucuses went fairly smoothly with the exception of SD 23 apparently which has always marched to the beat of it’s own dysfunctional drummer. Our good friend Lila Valencia now has a seat on the SDEC which is about the only thing that surprising, though in a really good way.
So there’s a chair race… Honestly, I’m going for Boyd. The changeover at TDP has been very positive over the last 4 years and I don’t think the other folks really understand that while it’s nice to pretend we can win without money, it’s just not true. Ask me about 2006 sometime.
Then of course there are the speeches from the statewides that I’m looking forward to. Unfortunately, due to the death of his mother, Hank won’t be here. Hpwever, Rep. Thompson has agreed to step in for him which is really, really cool.

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