One hell of a five finger discount

You gotta hand it to a crook good enough to con their way into a solo test drive…at a used car lot.

Once there, the couple told Romano that they no longer wanted to do business with him or Action Motors, the affidavit said. Romano drove his vehicle back to Action Motors and the couple approached Texas Central Motors salesman Mehrdad Mohebi and asked about a test drive. According to the warrant, Green told Mohebi that his girlfriend had recently inherited a large sum of money and was looking to buy a car.

You know, this sounds all the more plausible when you realize that most people, upon inheriting a large sum of money, make a beeline for a USED CAR LOT.
Of course, there was one critical flaw in the deal… Green left his drivers license. So, yeah, if you’re going to steal a car I don’t think you’d need to solicit the advice of the brilliant H. Balczak to know that it’s a super bad idea to leave your license.

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