Oh, quit whining, Sleazy Staples

Given the number of quite legitimate complaints and negative observations Hank Gilbert has made on Sleazy Staples‘ performance as Agriculture Commissioner, it was only a matter of time before Sleazy Staples would start whining about them and calling them ‘negative and personal’. Apparently, time was up today. Word on the street is that Sleazy Staples is now trying to turn any negative comment on his terrible job performance as a personal attack. What’s really funny about this is that Hank has yet to personally attack Sleazy Staples.
Sleazy Staples, on the other hand, started making personal attacks on Hank Gilbert during the primary, before Hank was even the nominee. All Hank has done is point out that Sleazy Staples‘ record ain’t something to be proud of. In fact, the only thing about Sleazy Staples that Hank’s mentioned is that he converted campaign contributions to personal use.
Let’s be real here for a second… Sleazy Staples leadership at TDA has been a disaster. We’ve had food safety disasters, overwhelmed inspectors and a plethora of other problems. And it’s going to be an issue in this race and no amount of whining is going to stop that.
What would be nice is for Sleazy Staples to follow Hank’s example and actually release his tax returns. Sleazy Staples has been hiding them for some reason and we know it’s not because Hank is still making payments to the IRS resulting from his fight more than a decade ago. At the end of the day, the IRS is fine with it so why exactly should Sleazy Staples think he can use Hank as an excuse to hide his true income from Texans? Don’t Texans have a right to know how are elected officials are really making their money.
Or is there something in there so sleazy that it finally embarrass one of the sleaziest politicians in Texas history?

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