Yeah, well your iPhone can’t do this…

Two weeks ago I transferred my primary voice line to Sprint and was forced (because of Sprint’s preference for CDMA) to abandon my beloved BlackBerry Bold 9700.
Transferring my service over was painless, even joyful, because I hate AT&T with the heat of a supernova. The constant dropped calls, the frequent service downgrades from 3G to EDGE to GSM to GPRS, the unhelpful customer service and finally the brutal bills that are the telecom services equivalent of being gang raped in prison. Then shanked. Needless to say, I won’t be LIKING them on Facebook any time soon.
Transferring service was easy. Getting a new phone was, well, not.
You have to understand that morons like myself develop silly attachments to devices we use daily. I’ve had a BlackBerry since before they came with a phone embedded. It’s been a long, loyal affair and it’s served us both well. However, recently, I’ve grown kind of angry at the shrinkage of the device (my Bold was a little too small for my hand) and the tiny screen. So, this time around I opted for a phone that Sister Ruth had already adopted, the HTC EVO 4G.
To say it’s been an experience would be an understatement. The battery life is challenging, but not really any worse than any BB I’ve had, mostly because I’m on it constantly. The on screen data entry takes some getting used to considering that I’ve been on thumbboards for more than a decade.Minor issues when you consider that the speed on the thing is absolutely amazing.
My iPhone friends have been somewhat derisive, mostly because they’re jealous of the 4G radio and larger screen. But what they’ll never understand is just how wonderful the hotspot is. Last night, the cable was out when I got home. It took me 5 minutes on the phone with Sprint for them to activate the hotspot and walk me through the set up. I was able to get both my computers online and stay on the phone all night. Can your iPhone do that? No? What a shame.
Yesterday I went to Best Buy because I’m a stupid masochist who happened to need an alkaline charger for a phone that sucks up juice like Lindsay Lohan. While there, someone buying two EVOs saw mine in my hand and asked how I liked it. I told her the truth… I loved it, but you needed to work out issues with the battery. She then pointed at the table she was sitting at and said she was done with these, gesturing to two iPhone 4’s. I asked if it was the antenna thing and she said that was a big part of it. I then started to tell her how to fix it (with electrical tape… I pay attention when the nerds talk) but she didn’t care, making it obvious that she was done with the iPhone.
Oh, and before you Apple fanboys start climbing up my ass, don’t… I’m not trashing Apple, but the EVO is a better phone. And, if it helps alleviate your anger, please know that my next computer will be a Mac, mostly because I hate Mickeysoft and HP as much as I hate AT&T.

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