Whiney McWhinerson

Looks like the information we got last week about Sleazy Staples trying to recast for the role of a lifetime, that of Whiney McWhinerson, was spot on.
The DMN did this piece about how nasty the race for Ag Commissioner has become. Staples, through his minions since he’s too much of a chickenshit to talk to a reporter, apparently thinks this is all just really too mean…

“I’ve been dong this for almost 30 years, and I’ve never seen a campaign as libelous and slanderous,” said Bryan Eppstein, Staples’ campaign consultant.

Really, Bryan? You sure you want to go there? After all, Staples, BEFORE THE PRIMARY ELECTION (it was in February in Tyler, wasn’t it Bryan?), was shoveling dirt on Hank. What Staples didn’t anticipate was that Hank’s a man and owns his past, mistakes and all. Including one bad check from 10 years ago. BTW, Bryan, HALF THE STATE HAS A BOUNCED CHECK AT SOME POINT IN THE PAST YEARS. Mistakes like that are THE reason banks offer overdraft protection. So, not for nothing, but are you sure you want to piss up the leg of half the electorate?
Staples has also been upset about Hank’s pointing out that he spent campaign funds on a personal vehicle, which all available evidence points to. Staples says there was a campaign car and the one he bought for himself which he currently drives. So far, we only have proof of the campaign car. If there isn’t documentation on a second car, why is Staples lying about it? And why spend so much time talking about how you’ve been personally maligned when, so far, no one has mentioned your giant freak head, effeminate manner or, in general, goofiness? The public isn’t going to feel sorry for Staples, he’s just not a sympathetic character.
If anything, I’m kinda disappointed Hank isn’t getting personal with Staples.
Hank, instead, has yet to say anything about Staples personal life or even his past business dealings. Yet Staples is squealing about every traffic ticket Hank’s received. Hank is sticking, perfectly, to limiting his criticism to Staples professionally, all of which is valid even if Sleazy Staples might be a little peeved about being taken to task for his failure. All Staples has done is run from his responsibilities as Commissioner, and throw others under the bus. Like an inspector (and TDH) in the case of the Plainview peanut disaster.
So that was early in the week… then there was ANOTHER very well researched piece on Connected Nation, Sleazy Staples effort to give the telecom industry a handjob with taxpayer money. Here’s the money shot…

“It’s a scandal, a total scandal,” said Art Brodsky, communications director of Public Knowledge, a public interest group that follows digital culture. A longtime critic of Connected Nation, Brodsky has tracked the nonprofit since Kentucky officials accused it of overestimating broadband availability several years ago. The agency that grew into Connection Nation started there in 2001.
Brodsky said nondisclosure agreements make it difficult to see who really benefits from the mapping process.

PD has more here.
The truly ironic thing about Staples and his blistering incompetence is that he’s, accidentally, stumbled upon the plan of national Republicans to make it appear that government simply can’t function. The only problem, for Staples, is that government can’t really function because he’s too much of a mook to make it work. There are some amazing people at TDA who are competent and capable. Staples, clearly, is the one holding them back and making us less safe on a daily basis.
Think about that the next time you bite into a burger.

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