Let me tell you about a mook named Leo

This round mound of tacky is Leo Vasquez, the Tax Assessor-Collector and Voter Registrar of Harris County. Leo’s been on a jag for YEARS about voter fraud, a non-existent issue in Texas despite much hand wringing by Republican electeds who are freaking out at the growing number of Hispanic voters who are actually, you know, SHOWING UP TO EXERCISE THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO VOTE.

Obviously, they can’t have a bunch of brown people voting. And they’ve lost the social fight on gays and abortion because, surprise, everyone realized that was a load of crap. So, Leo has decided to stand up to the Great Brown Menace to GOP re-election campaigns by casting doubt about the integrity of the vote by making vague, unsubstantiated accusations about non-existent voter fraud. If you can’t energize your base with some sort of bullshit issue, then work your ass off to suppress the other side.

Attorney General Greg Abbott spent millions trying to convict someone of voter registration fraud. Like most of what Attorney General Greg Abbott’s endeavors, it failed. Leo, for his part, has only cost taxpayers in Harris County about $70,000. To be sure, it’s chump change compared to Abbott, but still it’s money that only had to be spent because Leo can’t understand that it’s illegal to actively suppress voters.

Bay Area Houston is calling on Leo to resign…

This latest political, grandstanding stunt, a method Vasquez is known for, clearly shows Vasquez is more interested in stopping organizations from registering new voters, then doing his own job of…. registering new voters. Vasquez has turned a tax funded office into a circus of dueling press conferences, political pep rallies, and grandstanding stunts, instead of doing the job he was selected to do. His actions, if not dealt with immediately by the County Commissioners, has destroyed any chance of Judge Emmett’s ethics reform to be called anything but pure hypocrisy.

Over the last few years Harris County has been plagued with serious political scandals from former District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal, County Commissioner Jerry Eversole, former Tax Assessor Paul Bettencourt, and former Sheriff Tommy Thomas. Vasquez has joined this group of the unethical by disgracing his office and the County.

Vasquez should resign the remainder of his short term and spend the next few months in prayer so he doesn’t spend the next few years in jail.

Come on, Leo… do the right thing and take yourself out of the game.

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