Just when you thought he couldn’t suck more

John McCain continues to surprise by sinking to a whole to level of suck.

But McCain also said the country needs the “certainty” of knowing the Bush tax cuts won’t expire.

“Then maybe the American people will have some confidence,” McCain said on “Fox News Sunday.” “The American people have lost confidence in this administration’s ability and this president’s ability to get this economy going again… You can argue about jobs created, jobs saved, but the fact is that when they passed the stimulus package, they said unemployment would be a maximum of 8 percent. It’s now 9.6 percent. Enough said.”

You know, there’s shrewd and then there’s John McCain. This is EXACTLY right and the Administration thoroughly screwed up the stimulus in an attempt to get bipartisan support. By working with Republicans, President Obama guaranteed that stimulus would be perceived as a failure and exploited by the same Republicans who torpedoed it. Now, yet again, will come the common refrain that Government Isn’t The Answer.

This is what happens when let Rahm Emmanuel and Larry ‘I’m not as smart as Bob Rubin but I try really hard’ Summers run a country with a President who makes Jimmy Carter’s administration look perfectly competent and completely well run.

But back to McCain… while I’ll give him props for taking full advantage of the situation he and his party helped create (it’s not everyday you fuck over millions of Americans and get away with it so completely), it’s worth noting that the tax cuts McCain wants to extend are aimed narrowly at rich people like his wife (he married very well… apparently, he couldn’t be bothered to earn a real living on his own) and have no real stimulative effect on the economy. How do I know? Because they didn’t have a stimulative effect on the economy when they were first enacted (that Bush ‘economic growth’ wasn’t tax cuts, it was low interest rates and easy credit). Speaking of that, it’s also worth noting that McCain, Mr. Maverick, voted against these tax cuts because they would balloon the deficit which they did (the Bush tax cuts helped double the debt and end all those surpluses Clinton ran).

Which means John McCain has decided that integrity and honesty don’t get you nearly as far as lying on Fox. Also, he’s learned that you can screw over the American people continuously and they’ll still vote for you. Of course, this part is easy when your opponent is Hapless McClueless, the President of the United States. Krugman nails it

Look: early on the administration had a political theory: it would win bipartisan legislative victories, and each success would make Republicans who voted no feel left out, so that they would vote for the next initiative, and so on. (By the way, read that article and weep: “The massive resistance Republicans posed to Clinton in 1993 is impossible to imagine today.” They really believed that.)

This theory led to a strategy of playing it safe: never put forward proposals that might fail to pass, avoid highlighting the philosophical differences between the parties. There was never an appreciation of the risks of having policies too weak to do the job.

And then it led the administration to keep claiming that the legislation it had gotten through was just right, long past the point when it was obvious that the policies were inadequate.

And they’re still doing it. This is crazy: when you’re well down in the polls, minimal steps that won’t move the economy and won’t grab voters’ imagination are just a way of guaranteeing a devastating defeat.

Nevermind the fact that it should be perfectly clear BY NOW AT LEAST, that the Republicans would rather set the fucking country on fire than actually do something that will help average Americans. They are completely lost in an ideological quagmire that says supply side works and that tax cuts on the wealthy are always stimulative. That’s just a lie that actually makes the Republicans look really stupid as long as there is a Democrat with the balls to call them on it.

When you find one, other than Barney Frank or Alan Grayson, would you please tell them to run in 2012? I mean, we’re heading for an abysmal showing in November thanks to the horrendous miscalculations of the Obama Administration and chickshit Congressional Democrats. At least, with a strong primary challenge, we have a shot at keeping the White House.

Without it, we have no chance. I mean, really, it should be completely obvious to everyone that his victory was more luck than brains. I mean, look at this

He also acknowledged that the past eight months of modest private-sector job growth hasn’t been enough to bring down the unemployment rate. He said economic problems facing families today are “more serious than ever,” and seemed to ask the audience in Milwaukee — and voters nationwide — for patience.

“Now here’s the honest truth, the plain truth. There’s no silver bullet, there’s no quick fix to these problems,” he said, adding that it will take time to “reverse the damage of a decade worth of policies” that caused the recession.

Now, if it’s not depressing to see the man outright lying, then I don’t know what is. So many people were saying what needed to be done that it is completely unrealistic to think he actually believes this. This is a lie worthy of Bush and McCain, just complete and total bullshit.

The honest truth is that it was thirty years worth of bad policy and it could have been reversed in months. The reality is that the current economic pain is purely and simply the result, primarily, of a political miscalculation by a President who had deluded himself into thinking he was a transcendental figure and secondarily, by Republicans in Congress blinded by ideology and indifferent to anything other than their own insular thinking. It’s easy… make the stimulus large enough and watch the economy turn on a dime.

This Labor Day there are at least 15 million people out of work because of politics. I’ve literally never been more depressed about the state of this country than I am right now. God help us all if Democrats don’t stop with the miscalculations and half measures…if you think now is bad, just wait for Republican majorities in Congress and the disaster that will soon follow if one of these ideologically driven clowns wins the White House in 2012.

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