Finally! Something good…

A couple of things…

  • The President has decided to not support extension of the Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthy. While this is politically risky (I mean, let’s be honest, the Republicans have done a fantastic job of making poor people think they’re rich), it’s hugely necessary and will not have a negative impact on the economy. It will require a massive PR offensive and if he’s ready for it, he can win it… and finally begin shifting the debate in this country.
  • Speaking of the White House, it’s fabulous to hear that Rahm Emanuel (you know, the guy who made roughly $16mn by working about two years at an investment bank, despite a complete and total lack of experience in banking) will be leaving to lose a race for Mayor in Chicago. Honestly, I didn’t realize Chicago was still around… I thought it had been disassembled last year and the scrap sold to the Chinese so they could be build trains and freeways. But that really couldn’t matter less. What matters is the Rahm is leaving. Wonder if it has something to do with this finally getting out.

    Goddamn you, Rahm Emanuel. I fucking hate agreeing with Micheal Moore on anything. Shitbox McCocksuck.

  • If you needed further proof of the fact that I’m right about my much maligned criticism of the D strategy since January, 2009, take a look at polling that shows Americans now think the Republicans are better on the economy. The same Republican who have spent 30 years destroying the middle and lower upper class, who managed to deregulate the economy right into an economic collapse and who managed to take a budget in surplus and make it run big, fat deficits.
  • One Republican with whom I can agree
  • Finally, Hank Gilbert once again takes Sleazy Staples to the woodshed, this time for failing to adequately inform the public about the resurgence of bed bugs. Or even do anything at all about it which would be his job.
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