Hank’s been pretty vocal about Sleazy Staples failure to keep gas pumps inspected and announced over the weekend that he’d be having a press conference today across the street from a station where he found a Rick Perry inspection sticker.

Rick Perry hasn’t been Agriculture Commissioner since 1998 and those pumps are supposed to be inspected every four years.

Wanna bet it’s not giving as much as to people as they’re actually buying?

Hank mentioned this fact in a meeting on Friday at which Sleazy Staples was present. This afternoon, Sleazy Staples found out about the location of the press event and sent an inspector to inspect the station across the street where evidence of his failure was located… unfortunately, the poor inspector decided to show up DURING HANK’S PRESS CONFERENCE!

This is, without a doubt, one of the most massive coverup/campaign FAILS on record. ABSOLUTELY AWESOME JOB, SLEAZY STAPLES!

Video will be available shortly!

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