Could Sleazy Staples be more of a disaster?

It all started with this image of an inspection sticker with the name of our current Governor on it. It ended, predictably, in Texans seeing first hand just what a failure Todd Staples has been as Commissioner of Agriculture.

It ended with an attempted coverup that was more of a joke than a serious attempt to actually uphold the law. Just like Staples entire career in public office.

As I posted yesterday, Hank was having a press conference to point out that Staples has completely failed at an essential component of his job, making sure devices used to weigh and measure products for sale are accurate. This covers, of course, gas pumps which are all supposed to be inspected every four years in the state of Texas. Hank and volunteers all over the state have found a large number of pumps that aren’t compliant with the law.

During the press conference, a TDA inspector showed up to INSPECT THE STATION. Here’s the first video…

And here’s one featuring a conversation with the actual inspector whom Todd will probably fire just to cover his ass.

So, while Hank was showing evidence of Staples failure, Staples was trying to cover it up.

Of course, it’s gotten around… all over the state. From Houston to Austin and up into North Texas (and, of course, in Tyler… here and here), Texans are seeing with their own eyes that Todd Staples will lie and try to cover up his failures at any cost.

TDA and Staples responded to all this by calling Hank a liar (which, given the photographic and video evidence, is clearly false) and claiming that it was the station owners responsibility to request inspections. Which is the kind of misleading crap that can only come from a career politician looking to hide just how rotten he is. The truth is TDA is responsible for inspecting the stations, whether they’ve been notified or not.

So, now, because Staples is so unbelievably stupid, we’re going into day three on this story. And it’ll keep going, as long as Staples keeps trying to dig himself out of a hole by going still deeper.

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