Oh noes

If you’re feeling a little depressed over the the hapless Democrats in DC, cheer up… there’s always the Rude Pundit to make you laugh at their patheticness.

Let’s be honest… there are maybe 2 or 3 Democratic Senators and a handful of House members who don’t suck. The rest of you, especially the leadership, are weak, ineffectual losers who are too dumb to understand that your very timidity has created this fate for you.

Your advisers are just as weak and stupid as you, mostly for being completely bound up by the pundits. As RP pointed out,

Face facts here. Republicans are just better at this shit than Democrats. They know how to play this game to win. Always. Look at what they’re doing to Lisa Murkowski. Fuckin’ strippin’ her of her committee position almost immediately after she went rogue. That’s a specific threat to anyone breaking ranks with the famiglia. Democrats didn’t have the balls to do that to Lieberman.

I want DEMOCRATS, not weak tit babies always crying about what the big bad mean Republicans are doing.

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