The Truth about Todd Staples and Eminent Domain Reform

On a related note (that being of Staples being sleazy), we’re wondering why he’s still refusing to release his tax returns? Perry is demanding it of White and several commentators have pointed out that it’s HIGHLY unusual for a statewide elected official to refuse to release his tax returns, at least for the most previous two years. Unless there’s something potentially criminal in them which, given Todd Staples history, isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

You know someone at the Dallas Morning News is about to look really stupid for that endorsement, really soon.

Staples’ excuse is that he won’t release them until Hank has paid off a tax lien that’s been on an IRS negotiated payment plan for years. So, if the IRS is fine with it, what business is it of Staples? What is Staples trying to hide in his returns? I’m going to hazard a guess that it’s ‘unusual business income’ and expenses related to a certain Suburban that may have been purchased with campaign funds. Expenses for which he may have been reimbursed.

Hank’s deal with the IRS isn’t the issue since he’s been open and honest with everyone about that. That’s public record. What isn’t is what Todd Staples is hiding from public view in his returns. Staples has been dodgy on his returns for months, an interesting contrast to Hank’s openness and honesty on the issue.

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