Oh, I wouldn’t do that…Miner the Moron and Staples the Sociopath

Someone really needs to pull Mark Miner aside and remind old boy about that thing with the people who like to throw stones and represent folks who live in glass houses

Speaking to reporters Wednesday at City Hall, Parker said Perry — the longest-serving governor in Texas history — was trying to score political points by mischaracterizing White’s stewardship of the city and its financial shape.

“Rick Perry is a long, long, long-serving elected official trying desperately to hold onto his position, and he’s saying a lot of things as part of the campaign rhetoric that are unfortunate,” Parker said. “I inherited a city that was essentially well run.”

Perry spokesman Mark Miner said Parker is “cleaning up White’s financial mess.”

“The city of Houston faces budgetary problems because of Bill White’s lack of leadership, and the current mayor is dealing with those problems,” Miner said.

Seriously, Mark, that’s dumb as balls. Let’s be honest here for a second… your boss has one massive deficit under his belt. Now we know another is already rolling down the pipe. People are already beginning to wonder how we’re going to get out of this mess, his creation, and they’re rapidly coming to the conclusion that Perry and the Republicans will decide (once again) to rape Teacher Retirement.

Plus, you lost the silence of the one who were depending on… and she’s dropping your effete, retarded pigbitch of a boss in the grease. What’s next, Mark? Beating up on all those Republican Congressman Perry’s been begging for Federal money? Y’all talk a big game about balanced budgets and fiscal responsibility but the reality is you’re all about gettin’ yours from Uncle Sam.

Truth be told, it’s the right thing to do. However, your a used condom for demonizing the President and Democrats while you’re asking them for help.

In other stupid Republican news, Hank Gilbert yesterday unveiled one of the biggest public health disasters in the history of this state. Todd Staples and TDA attempted to hide from the public that a very dangerous neurotoxin had been intentionally introduced into the environment of Eastland County by a farmer looking to kill wild hogs and in concentrations FAR higher than needed to kill, well, everything. The toxin was being picked up animals (including deer) and this all occurred during hunting season.

Smart, right? What’s worse is that TDA staff told the county judge to sit on it while they ‘wrote a press release’. Nothing like risking public health while y’all take time to spell check and have it sent by carrier pigeon to whoever for approval.

While the disaster itself was bad enough, Todd Staples decided to compound his mistake by rolling out the poor county judge from Abilene to try to deflect attention from his own miserable failure and attempt to hide the truth, by issuing statement saying Todd and TDA did nothing wrong. HOWEVER, said county judge has egg all over his face because Hank had proof what he said was true (this should be a wake up call to every Republican in this state… don’t try to defend Todd or even stand too close to him… it’s not that Hank’s going to attack you, it’s that you never know when Todd’s sleaze is going to rub off).

The part that’s getting left out is that there is an inspector who was permanently injured as a result of investigating this poisoning without the proper protective gear. The inspector would have used the proper protective gear if it had been provided (as TDA policy says it should have been), but it never was. Now we’re hearing reports of other inspectors that work for TDA that also lack proper protective equipment.

I always knew Staples was sleazy but I had no idea he was so cavalier with the lives of those in his employ, or with state tax dollars. Because of his actions, Texas could ultimately be facing a massive class action lawsuit for recklessly endangering the lives of TDA employees.

Thanks, Todd Staples. I’m sure that won’t have a deleterious effect on the budget at all.

Am I the only one thinking at this point that Staples is a textbook sociopath? I mean, no matter what, he’s never to blame and he has absolutely no empathy for his victims.

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