How not to embarrass…

… your friends and family in NYC when you visit. This is my favorite part…

In how many of the following situations should you stop walking?

* If you walk by a famous landmark?
* If someone gets hit by a car?
* If a really famous celebrity walks by with their groceries?
* If a homeless person asks you for money?
* If you walk by an “homme statue” (man pretending to be a statue)?
* If a movie or tv show is filming?
* If someone just got stabbed and is lying bleeding in the street?
* If you see a really enormous cockroach?
* If you see a really cute stray cat?
* If you realize your wallet has just been stolen?
* If you realize you’re completely lost?

If you answered “NONE! You should NEVER stop walking, NO MATTER WHAT!”, then congratulations! You can pass as a real New Yorker!

And, of course, DON’T MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH PEOPLE ON THE STREET. New York isn’t Waco and making eye contact with a New Yorker as you pass them on the street is like telling someone ‘As soon as you walk past me, I’m going to gank you!’.

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