Sure, let’s beat up on the gays and Killer Keller skates free

Rep. Lamar Smith is asking to be allowed to step in to an appeal to defend DOMA, the noxious law passed in the nineties that institutionalized bigotry against gays and lesbians who wished to get married.

Smith, a noted wearer of toupee’s because he’s both bald and vain (seriously, you’re fooling exactly no one) is also apparently an attorney…

Smith is asking a federal court to allow him to intervene in a case to help defend the Defense of Marriage Act, according to Keen News Service. The Alliance Defense Fund announced Tuesday it had filed motions on behalf of Smith asking to intervene in two cases in which a U.S. district judge in Massachusetts declared DOMA unconstitutional. The ADF argues on behalf of Smith that the Obama administration isn’t doing enough to defend the 1996 law, which some gay-rights activists don’t think the administration should be defending at all.

He’s also probably yet another Republican closet case (he’s the former employer of Ken Mehlman, the former RNC Chair who recently came out to exactly no surprise since everyone already knew he was a sista… except, maybe, Lamar Smith who was focused on his own little self deception… I HATE TOUPEES) but given the history of closeted gay Republicans, it does fit the mold. Usually, the more virulent the anti-gay rhetorical and the more strident they are in ‘keeping the gays in their place’, the more likely they are to enjoy having ‘the gay buttsex with other mens’.

And Lamar is nothing if not virulently anti-gay… as recently as August he sponsored s resolution condemning the federal judge who overturned Proposition 8, the CA gay marriage ban. Then he announced that he would like to introduce FEDERAL legislation to define marriage as between one man and one woman, and take from the states that responsibility.

Lamar is, apparently, also a lawyer but makes his money in Congress which kinda says more than I would think Lamar would like it to (making money from public service or you’re a really crappy lawyer… either way, you’re scum). He’s opposed in November by the unbelievably qualified and unbelievably underfunded Lainey Melnick. She also happens to be far more attractive than Lamar and it’s not just because she doesn’t wear a toupee. She also would rather do her job than spend taxpayer resources on the culture wars which only the freaks (like, you know, Lamar) are interested in fighting any more.

Lamar, as a side note, at what point have you done enough to demonize and make life horrible for your constituents? When you can you finally hang up that bad rug and call it a day?

In other news, Killer Keller skates free on a technicality.

A special court of review on Monday dismissed a public reprimand of Texas’ top criminal courts judge, who closed her court at 5 p.m., preventing attorneys from filing a last-minute appeal hours before their client was executed.

The disciplinary case against Court of Criminal Appeals Presiding Judge Sharon Keller came after she closed the court on Sept. 25, 2007, as attorneys for twice-convicted killer Michael Wayne Richard tried to submit their appeal.

The state Commission on Judicial Conduct issued Keller a “public warning,” but the judge appealed, claiming the commission exceeded its authority and violated the state constitution.

In dismissing the reprimand, the court of review said the judicial conduct panel could dismiss the case against Keller, issue a public censure or recommend her removal from office or retirement. The public warning was a sanction not allowed by the state constitution and state law.

Now we have two options… when the Lege reconvenes in January, they can impeach her or voters can be rid of her in 2012. Either way, it’s time to get this nut off the bench. Done.

So, just in case you were looking for a reason to vote in November, here are two…

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