In which I say something nice about Congressman Edwards

There’s a Democrat running for re-election in Texas

He (Flores) routinely criticizes Edwards for supporting the 2008 bailout and 2009 stimulus programs, arguing that both increased the deficit without boosting the economy.

Edwards – vetted two years ago as a possible Barack Obama running-mate – conceded this week to The News’ editorial board that his support for those programs angered some voters and “may cost me an election,” but defended them as critical to prevent an economic collapse.

That. Just that. I’ve been waiting for a Democrat to put this plainly for more than a year. TARP and ARRA were absolutely critical to staving off economic collapse. Sure, the stimulus package was about half the size needed to actually start driving massive job creation but it DID stop the world from collapsing. TARP… well, we were 72 hours from having ALL credit in the United States get cut off. We were looking into the abyss which is why the market collapsed the afternoon Congress failed to pass TARP on the first attempt.

Damn people like Bill Flores who would have let this country burn instead of doing what was right. No, no one is pleased with TARP but at the end of the day it stopped the collapse of the entire economy. And yeah, that is what was going to happen. Anyone who’d like to disagree with me is free to meet me and discuss. I promise, it won’t hurt much when I make you feel dumber than a child.

Chet’s life would have been a lot easier had ARRA been twice the size and unemployment falling. But, it didn’t and it’s not… that’s why he’s in the fight of his life.

One thing is crystal clear… Edwards made the right decision. Flores would have let the entire country enjoy Great Depression, part 2.

Oh, and Bill Flores left the tax payers of this country holding the bag on $7.5 million. AND he made up this bullshit excuse…

In a promotional video for a Hispanic GOP group’s website, he said: “Everybody that participated in the process got all their money back, and with interest. It was neat to see how things can work if you really pull together.”

Thursday, he called that statement “95 percent accurate,” saying that “if the federal government had gone along with us…it could have been 100 percent.”

Gee whiz, bubba… was someone keeping you from writing that check to make taxpayers whole? No, you decided to screw us after the bankruptcy court told you it was OK.

Integrity… Chet Edwards has it, Bill Flores doesn’t.

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