Stupid, Crazy and Creepy

Ladies and Gentleman, meet Virginia Thomas (in the center), wife of Justice Clarence Thomas(left). Virginia runs some weirdo group that claims to fight against the ‘tyranny of President Obama’, which is funny since he’s not tyrannical and she’s not oppressed.

At this point I’d like to ask all the rich, white freedom fighters out there… exactly WHO is oppressing whom?

But I digress… apparently, Ginny (as she’s called by the few that know and love her) recently called Anita Hill (on the right… which is pretty funny when you think about it), the woman who testified about her husband’s love affair with pubic hair and Coca-Cola, and asked for an apology. Ms. Hill, like most normal people, didn’t really understand for what she should be apologizing since Justice Thomas’ sexual harassment filled past is well documented. This is, from what we can tell, like when you throw up on someone while blindingly drunk and then demand an apology from them.

Wait… am I the only one who has that story?

Anyway, the questions are making the rounds in DC. Was Ginny drunk? Coked to the gills? Doped up on Oxy like a lot of housewives without real jobs?

We’re left to wonder. Because I don’t think any of us can figure out a rational reason for her to demand an apology from someone who was just honest about her husband being a skeeze.

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