Will the sleaze ever stop from Staples?

As if the recent revelations about Todd Staples allegedly beating his stepson weren’t bad enough (not to mention his possible use of influence to escape prosecution), on Friday his Campaign Manager attempted to eavesdrop on Hank Gilbert’s conference call line.

At 7:41 PM CST Friday evening, Cody McGregor (AKA, The Codester, according to TDA documents made available to the Gilbert campaign) dialed into a conference call line used by the Hank Gilbert campaign for staff and event calls. Not realizing that he was too early or that the dial in’s to that number are monitored, McGregor stayed on the line for one minute trying to pick up any information he could in what we can only assume was a desperate effort by the Todd Staples campaign to salvage a piece of information that might save him from what is looking increasingly like a sure and very nasty defeat by Hank Gilbert a week from Tuesday.

Hank Gilbert’s campaign director, Vince Leibowitz, is taking no chances with the matter and is referring it to the PIU at the Travis County DA.

Leibowitz said he wasn’t sure if McGregor’s actions violate Texas law. “We will be referring this matter to the Travis County District Attorney’s Office and their Public Integrity Unit on Monday and we’ll leave that up to them,” Leibowitz said.

“It’s unfortunate that Staples’ campaign is so desperate that his campaign director is committing potentially illegal activity by attempting to eavesdrop on a conference call of the opposing campaign,” he said.

This is just the latest in a series of devastating missteps by the Todd Staples campaign which have included their decision to do nothing but personally attack Hank Gilbert rather than defend the horrendous job Todd Staples has done for the people of Texas.

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