More Puke From Pauken

So political hack and corporate shill Tom Pauken is disappointed that little ole Austin American-Statesman staff reporter Meghan Ashford-Grooms, and the pro-family and patriotic Back to Basic PAC would have the audacity to question the lies put forth by the GOP-controlled Texas Workforce Commission. Trying to manipulate the numbers to hide the reality of the state’s dismal track record on the workplace is bad enough, but his real crime is being part of a movement that is changing much of Texas to third-world status. The Republican Party apparatchik, who is known to associate with right-wing radical groups the Heritage Foundation and the Eagle Forum, has pushed for decades the destruction of traditional American values and our precious freedoms.

This agenda, embraced by the Republican Party, has caused a widening gap between the rich and poor, the decimation of the middle-class, the destruction of our public schools, and has given corporations free reign to exploit consumers and employees.

The facts are clear that Texas is lagging the rest of the country in producing good-paying solid jobs. Your typical hard-working Texan has less rights, benefits, and pay than your average American worker, and many live below or near the poverty level as they try to exist paycheck to paycheck.

Thank people like Tom Pauken for that.

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