House District 47, meet your new representative-Lumpy Workman

Don’t get comfortable with your digs, pal, because in two years you’ll be gone from political sight like your cohorts, the Keels.

We see you as an incompetent legislature who will fit in with the good ole white boy club known as the Texas Legislature, and will do whatever you’re ordered to do. (For the record, the number of women in office after this election decreased throughout the state) Unlike Valinda Bolton, you are not independent and have no intention of doing what’s right for your constituents unless you’re a developer. Frankly, we are not ruling out some kind of corruption or ethical problem.

A list of your supporters and groups that you’ve associated with shows a lack of concern for the people who elected and reelected Bolton because of her skills to balance the needs of business and community. With help from your comrades in the legislature, district 47 will see unchecked growth and worsening traffic woes. Better public schools in your district? Forget about it

One group which Workman sits on the board, Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse-Central Texas, connives to limit your rights and freedoms. Another, Texas Home School Coalition, is a radical religious group that advocates no oversight of homeschooled children, and for parents to be confrontational with Child Protection Services by using video and audio recorders, threatening them with lawyers, and not talking. Sounds like a criminal mob response. Hopefully, CPS employees are wearing bullet-proof vests when visiting the people who use the homeschooling coalition’s recommendation on interaction with the outside world. If you’re not doing anything wrong, then why would you take such an approach against someone looking out for the good of your children?

Then there are those tea bagger connections, Texas Tea Party Alliance and Central Texas Tea Party. A movement that stifles debate and discussion, and whose lies and propaganda in support of corporations certainly smells of fascism.

A week after the elections, the tractor-trailer parked on Brodie Lane that had a gigantic picture of him was finally removed. The fact that the Brodie corridor was a Bolton strong-hold shows his arrogance and gloating in-your-face attitude toward her supporters. This is fine because no quarter will be given to him either.

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