Investigating TSA

Yeah, I think it’s time for TSA to go away.

You’ve probably heard of the “Don’t Touch My Junk” guy who chose to miss his flight rather than have TSA touch his genitals in its brand new “aggressive pat-downs” strategy. (New to the issue? Watch Colbert’s segment from last night to the right – it’ll catch you up and then some.)

As if the experience wasn’t humiliating enough – and expensive, for missing his flight – the TSA has decided to make an example of John “Don’t Touch My Junk” Tyner. The TSA announced yesterday it would investigate, and may prosecute, Tyner for declining the porno scanners and groping.

Having recently been through security (just back from Indianapolis), I saw the millimeter wave scanners. A TSA rep was loudly telling people to pull, well, everything out of their pockets and take off belts that had previously passed through the metal detectors. What I found strange about he admonishment was that the DAMN SCANNERS ARE SUPPOSED TO MAKE IT SO WE DON’T HAVE TO EMPTY OUT OUR SHIT SINCE THE PERSON MONITORING IT CAN SEE EVERYTHING INCLUDING THE SIDE TO WHICH I DRESS.

These damn things were supposed to make our passage through security FASTER and yet TSA has found a way to make that not the case by failing to grasp the advantages of the technology they now own.

As if the incident (and the threats against a US citizen) weren’t bad enough, there’s this report of TSA searching a three year old:

A TSA employee gave Mandy the pat down and she started screaming and kicking her legs. Her dad, Steve, happens to be a TV reporter and caught 17 seconds of the ordeal on his cell phone.

Why was Mandy searched in the first place? She started crying when she was asked to put her teddy bear through the X-ray machine. This made it difficult for her to walk calmly through the metal detector and she set the machine off twice, which meant she “must be hand-searched.”

Needless to say, if you aren’t going to employ people who are smart enough to deal with a child properly then it’s time the agency to answer for it’s years of abject stupidity. Take action here.

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