Go with God, Aaron Pena

Rather than lead with Facebook unfriendings, and call out twitterups, the emphasis on your defection should be on your remark that the Democratic Party no longer reflects your values. Well, thank the Lord, you finally get it. The first step to recovery is to acknowledge that you have a problem, but your action to bolt the party was definitely the wrong cure, and akin to going on a weeklong bender after your epiphany.

Yes, Texas Democrats, after long consternation, are moving away from its’ old roots of being controlled by corporations and the wealthy, and moving toward better representation of working men and women, minorities, the poor, and the underrepresented – a party more in line with the words and deeds of Jesus. Aaron, you may be correct in saying that many people who vote Republican don’t have horns, but the gates of Heaven are rapidly closing to GOP leadership.

One of this week’s church readings was about King Ahaz’s betrayal of his kingdom for pragmatic reasons, and his refusal to accept a sign from God – a sign that his poor and just subjects recognized that a son will be born and be called Emmanuel. Aaron, are you also refusing God’s sign and offer for salvation?

Instead of standing up and fighting for his people, Azah sided with an enemy that betrayed him when his kingdom was under siege. In the next two years, you will gain full understanding of the wrath, Aaron.

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