What if you threw a Tea Party and no one showed up

So the Tea Party people that Mucous Sullivan and Peggy Venable of Americans for Poverty have whipped into a frenzy over the Speaker’s race were supposed to be in town today to put pressure on their Representatives to vote as they instruct. The media was promised access to their little shindig but, as of right now, the media is being turned away.

CA speculates that it’s all about some of the Tea Party folks who showed up today not being ready for prime time. Personally, I think it’s even easier than that. I don’t think hardly anyone showed up and they don’t want the media taking pictures that would reveal what a paper tiger Mucous’ attempted coup has been.

While I’m thrilled that the imbecilic Sullivan has been given his much deserved comeuppance, I’m not at all thrilled with the prospect of more Straus. The man is an absolute nightmare for Texas Democrats since he’s a true, principled Conservative who can lead and build consensus without getting bogged down by divisive social issues. He’ll be the first Republican Speaker to show Republicans can actually govern well which weakens the case for Democratic gains in the future.

However, from the standpoint of What’s Best For Texas, there is no doubt in my mind Straus should win. Paxton’s wet behind the ears and Chisum is a nut.

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