The right wing idea of paradise

In Mexico, tax collection is somewhat dodgy. The rich pay basically what they feel like paying and most citizens don’t pay anything. As a result, the government is extremely underfunded even when oil income is high. Now that it’s in decline, the state can’t really afford to do much of anything, let alone protect citizens of the actions of the narcos.

The cotton towns south of Juárez sit in territory disputed by at least two major drug trafficking groups, according to government and private security reports, leading to deadly power struggles. But the lack of adequately trained police officers, a longstanding crisis that the government has sought to address with little resolution, allows criminal groups to have their way.

“Small cities and towns are really highly impacted,” said Daniel M. Sabet, a visiting professor at Georgetown University who studies policing in Mexico. “They offer strongholds organized crime can hold and control.”

Some towns consider themselves so vulnerable that they have gone out of their way not to antagonize criminals. Believing that those involved in organized crime would be less inclined to harm women — and because fewer men are willing to take the job — local officials have appointed a handful of women in the past year to senior police ranks in small cities and towns here in Chihuahua, the country’s most violent state.

While the Ron Paul adherents have daydreams of a massively weak government and all citizens just ‘getting along’, it never works out like that. When you take away the protections afforded by the rule of law, you get enhanced criminality that drowns out everything. Why settle a dispute in a court with no real power? Just go shoot your opponent and be done with it.

Seriously, Libertarians and Randtards, Mexico is the government-less paradise of which you’ve always dreamed. Feel to move your genius ass there so it can get shot by a 22 year old running cocaine.

For the rest of you, don’t think for a moment this can’t happen here.

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