The Speech : The only negative thing you’ll read about it today

Well, other than this bit of inanity from Kirsten Dipshit who is a political analyst on FoxNews and writes for the NY Post (which are, coincidentally, both owned by News Corp), this is probably the only negative thing you will read about President Obama’s speech last night.

Don’t get me wrong, the speech itself was a masterful piece of oratory and the writing was first rate. I’m sure some in the future will look back on it as a great speech. However, it will do exactly zero to change anything in this country. Frankly, the theme is the same one he’s been talking about since 2007… we just have to be nicer to each other.

What the President has not understood (and apparently never will) is that the social disintegration of this country is being caused not by a bad attitude, but by socioeconomic fragmentation and inequality. We’re not being meaner to one another because we’re just enjoy being nasty or have forgotten how to be civil, we’re doing it because things (the economy, our lives, our visions for the future) are terrible and we’re lashing out using politics because it’s readily accessible and it gives a chance to focus on something other than our miserable situations or, even better, find a scapegoat to blame for it.

The most irritating thing about the speech is that while the Washington media mooks are falling over themselves congratulating him, the people who are ostensibly the target of his plea are turning a deaf ear. While the speech was nice, it will have absolutely no effect because the only people listening are already being civil.

Go take a look at Kirsten’s little piece via the link at the top if you don’t believe me.

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