Good job, Mr. President

Seriously, the tone and the delivery of the speech were perfect. For the first time since his election, this President covered the concerns of Republicans and Independents without conceding their arguments or assertions and while maintaining a focus on actually doing something.

About the only thing that fell flat with me was public private partnerships for transportation. We’ve been over this pretty exhaustively so I won’t belabor the point that it’s bad for taxpayers.

The pundits will, of course, talk about the move to the center but he was already there. What he did tonight was start doing what he should have done at the beginning of his term, tack the center back to the left. It’s good to FINALLY see it.

The Republican response was bad, the Teabag response even worse since Michelle Bachmann is crazy. Rep. Ryan did the best he could, God bless him, but he’s just a nebbish who really doesn’t understand that GREECE and IRELAND have problems completely different from our own. However, if the Republicans keep driving taxes ever lower, eventually we will be Greece… another spendthrift state. Sure, not paying taxes is deeply unpatriotic and in my opinion treasonous since paying taxes is the one activity every single American does to help pay for the freedom we all enjoy. That aside, though, we would still not be Ireland. So, Rep. Ryan needs to learn some stuff before they let his origami forehead back on screen.

I’ve been watching CNN and right now I wish David Gergen would take off his shoe and beat Ari Fleischer with it for lying and being rude. I’d also like Candy Crowley to do something about her horrible nose. And I’d really, really like it if Michelle Bachmann would DO SOMETHING about her chola eyebrows.

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