Oh, FloShap… that was REALLY stupid

From this article at the Texas Tribune comes some classic Florence Shapiro, Republican Senator from Plano (that place north of the LBJ freeway I like to call OKLAHOMA)

“Let’s look at it as we are bringing rigor and more efficiency and effectiveness into the classroom, bringing meaningful and rich instruction for the first time.”

According to FloShap, education in this state is desperately in need of cutbacks so educators can really focus on bringing meaningful and rich instruction for the first time to a class of 80 3rd graders.

While the Chinese and Indians invest massive amount of money educating their next generation, we are cutting the amount we invest. It’s the ultimate action of the short sighted and will lead to generations too stupid to effectively run this country. It won’t be Idiocracy. I doubt the rest of the planet will allow us to behave stupidly since it would effect the environment we share with them. But make no mistake, they’ll be running things all thanks to the Republicans who refuse to invest anything because ‘Government is always bad’.

Of course, it never occurs to voters that the only real problem with government are the Republicans running it.

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