Evan, that’s not funny, it’s mean.

Calling Talmadge Heflin a ‘big thinker’ is just mean. He honestly can’t help being intellectually underpowered, though he can do something about his disturbing girth, like STOP EATING SO MUCH.

This is, maybe, the only time in history I will refrain from a BILL HAMMOND IS FAT JOKE because I feel kinda bad for him. He’s on his way out and just doesn’t get it. In the end, it’s hard to keep up with the crazy and when even Bill Hammond starts to sound reasonable, it’s all over. Bill, you’re getting a taste of what Barry Goldwater felt in 1996. It’s a shame you don’t have his huevos.

Actually, calling any of these people big thinkers is laughable. Castro at the CPPP proposes a combination of accounting gimmicks (that would make the E&Y guys working the Lehman Bros. account proud) and sin taxes, as well as elimination of the early tax payment discounts, which pays for itself. None of it’s substantial and, surprisingly, much of it hits the poor hardest. This is a weak, absolutely pathetic proposal from CPPP. Her proposal is probably the most disappointing because it comes from the one organization that should have proposed a rock solid solution. CPPP needs to be advancing the debate and talking about investments in the future. Rather we get this weak plan that doesn’t even address the fact that corporations get hundreds of billions in benefits for locating here while paying, essentially, nothing in tax.

Seriously, none of these folks apparently have a clue what to do to really fix the current hole, let alone plug the larger, structural one. None of them apparently have any appreciation for the fact that we have a 19th century taxation system supporting a 21st century government. It’s been 25 years since the oil revenue dried up which allowed us to keep taxes low for decades. We’ve used every damn gimmick in the book. We’ve dramatically shortchanged future investments in education, infrastructure and public employees retirement. It’s time to man up and start building something for the next generation, rather than just consuming what was built by previous generations.

But none of these people make that point.

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