A real, live BARFLY?!

So, yeah, I’m going through my tabs this AM trying to figure out what I can kill since the cooling fan on my computer is working overtime and the glass top on my desk is starting to melt. As I go through them all this one pops up and I remembered why I’d kept it. There is a bar in my area, University Hills/Berkman, in a strip mall that caters mostly to Hispanics (read, recent immigrants) and operates under a restaurant license. The neighbors, all of whom seem to be recent immigrants to the East Side themselves (read, lily fucking white), don’t like the late hours or the brown people milling about (they do, however, adore the day labor).

My first reaction, after reading about a third of the way into the article, was anger. “Oh, that just pisses me off… these people need to move the fuck west. Ain’t no one gonna shut a bar down on MY watch” was the thing going through my head. Some people want to defend the innocent against polluters. Some want to defend the rights of the minority. My thing is protecting alcohol, either stores or bars. It’s a precious resource (except for Tito’s which is dumb) and it’s simply got to be preserved for the enjoyment of future generations. Needless to say, I was ready to go on the warpath against the modern day temperists.

Then I read this…

Statesman Watch visited Los Barrileros on a recent Friday night and encountered about 100 patrons filling the cocktail tables, playing pool and watching soccer on flat-screen TVs. Before long, a friendly young woman in a short, tight dress approached the reporter and asked why he was alone, then asked him to buy her a beer.

Asked about the cost of the beer, the woman said the reporter’s beer would be $3 and hers would be $10. She explained that the bar got most of the money, but she earned a couple of dollars per beer. “Es como hago dinero (that’s how I make money),” she said. The reporter turned her down but went through the same experience a few minutes later with another similarly dressed woman.

Beck said that violates TABC code.

“When a girl asks a customer to buy her a drink on behalf of the bar, that’s illegal. We’ve opened an investigation on that complaint and allegations that the business is not really a restaurant,” she said.

VERY enterprising, these folks. Surprisingly, though, barflies on payroll isn’t their biggest problem. The place has apparently been operating under a restaurant permit. TABC audited them and apparently they don’t sell enough food.

So, it looks like the boring people in the area will get their way. The girls should have been selling tacos rather than beer.

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