May All You People Get Exactly What You Asked For

I don’t know about you, but it does my heart good to pick up a newspaper and read these last few days about how the sweet fruits of democracy are blooming even in barren, dry and godforsaken lands far, far away from this paradise we call home.

Take Miles, Texas, for example. Did you read Sunday’s Austin American-Statesman? [sorry, no link – those inkstained bastards were going to charge me to access the archived story] It seems lil’ ol’ Miles ISD and its supporting community are staring at the prospect of going belly-up because of state budget priorities. Word is, if they don’t get enough financial support from the state socialized education , the school district will vanish and so may the whole town soon thereafter. Of course, the chances of getting any help from Austin this session are between Slim and None, and Slim just got laid off from his schoolteachin’ job.

So what’s that got to do with sweet fruits of democracy? Take a look at the voting history in Runnels County on the Secretary of State website and you’ll see how the fine folks of Miles and neighboring communities have repeatedly voted in favor of their own current predicament. 76% of these people voted for Rick Perry in 2010; statewide GOP candidates have drawn average support ranging from 67% to 80% in the last several cycles.

In short, You People in Miles are getting exactly what you have consistently voted for over the years: state “leadership” that prioritizes low taxes above the needs of people. You elected and re-elected and re-re-re-elected the same politicians with the same policies over and over again until the chickens have now come home to roost. I hope you all like chickenshit enchiladas, because that’s all there’s going to be on the Miles AISD cafeteria lunch menu for quite a while.

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