When laughing turns to crying, or mild brain damage

Some movies just shouldn’t be remade. Or ‘re-imagined’. Or rebooted. No remake can capture the brilliance of movies such as ‘Citizen Kane’, ‘Gone With the Wind’, ‘All About Eve’, or even ‘The Goonies’. Yet, without fail, every couple of years another mangled recreation of a timeless classic arrives on the screen. Alas, this morning it hit me where I live. One of McBlogger’s and my beloved childhood classics, ‘Arthur’, is being completely fucked over into what can only be described as a cretinous disaster aimed squarely at the mouthbreathers who will, no doubt, absolutely love it.

Now, some may argue that the presence of Helen Mirren provides some hope. Forgive my pessimistic outlook, but FAT FUCKING CHANCE! And Jennifer Garner has never been known to save a bad movie. Especially not with that HILARIOUS BALL JOKE in the trailer! Urgh! Not that that will keep our national bumper crop of teenage douchebags from lining up to get raped in the face by Russell Brand. But fine. Those little fuckers can have their English comedian. I’ll stick with mine.

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