A Day of Reckoning

The Save Texas Schools march and rally March 12 at the Texas Capitol in Austin, which is expected to be massive, could grow with redistricting and immigration forces joining to make their voices heard. People across the state are “fed up” with the incompetence of Governor Rick Perry and his Republican cohorts, and the accompanying cronyism and influence-peddling that has tainted their overdue stay.

Word is that the tea baggers will join the festivities. I for one welcome them, and look forward to rational debate and the meeting of the minds. Well, at least our minds and those half wits. Sure would be nice to see Dick Armey and the Koch Brothers showing up, but of course you can’t expect these bullies to fight their own battles.

In case any douche baggers think about brandishing their weapons, remember that this is Texas and some of us tree huggers have CHL’s and we don’t have the good manners and patience of Wisconsinites. The Badger State is the spark, Texas is the powder keg.

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