A word about Wisconsin…

I thought it was interesting that estimates of the respective crowds coming out of the media indicate the numbers are roughly equal. That’s not true. The pro-union crowd outnumbers the Koch Industries/AFP imported crowd by an estimated 50 to 1. It’s hardly surprising given that the majority of the people in this country don’t want ‘austerity’. Even in Texas.

Every day this continues, tradmedia and the DC circle jerk lose still more of their already depleted credibility. It’s becoming widely known around the country that the unions aren’t the problem with Wisconsin’s budget, it’s the fact that Governor Walker’s puppeteers pay little in taxes AND he’s handed them millions in incentives. Which leaves only the squeezed and burdened middle class to support the entire state.

Elections have consequences, one of those is protests. The problem is, with their victory in November, Republicans felt emboldened to do all manner of stupid, unproductive things when what the voters wanted was jobs and a growing economy. By appeasing their more radical elements, they have alienated the vast majority in this country and really agitated them. In effect, they’ve awoken a sleeping giant, people who may not have been all that excited to vote in November but are sure as hell pissed now. The longer this goes on, the more galvanized they become.

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