Mucous FAIL

A reader forwarded me the latest email from Mucous, AKA Michael Quinn Sullivan, over at Empower Texas. Fresh off his loss of the Speaker fight and almost complete emasculation, he’s apparently decided to go after Sen. Kevin Eltife (R-Tyler) for having the native intelligence and common sense to suggest that the state use money from the Rainy Day Fund and look at raising some additional revenue to make up our larger-than-California budget hole.

Mucous goes on to discuss this Trib poll in which voters indicate that they support cuts to the budget over any revenue increases. What Mucous leaves out is that when asked what they want cut, the response is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

This doesn’t even require a nuanced explanation on the part of Eltife if he ends up voting for a revenue bill, as if it really mattered since Mucous has all the stroke in Tyler that Bill White enjoyed. Sen. Eltife can more than easily beat the hell out of anyone who tries to take up the Mucous banner. So why even do this? Has Mucous lost his mind? Does he really think he has the power to bring anyone down at this point?

I still know a lot of Republicans in Tyler. Tell you what, Senator Eltife… if you do end up voting for a tax bill and Mucous ends up working against you, I will GLADLY volunteer to help out on your campaign. I know Tyler well enough to know it’s not electing a Democrat any time soon so I’d rather it elect a sane Republican than one of the Mucous Morons like Phil King who still cling to the fantasy that they understand taxation and economics (by the way, Gardner, King was wrong not barely true. For the record, the median income stat is worthless because it fails to take into account the LOW tax rates paid by high earners on unearned income. As for the corporate tax rate, very few pay anything close to the corporate tax rate. Many pay less than 10%. The problem in the US is that more and more of the tax burden has been falling on the poor and middle class who haven’t enjoyed a commensurate increase in income. Tax cuts and income increases have disproportionately gone to high level earners, basically since 1980. I would tell you to ask Phil King about it but he’s too busy believing the Earth is only 6000 years old and that Moses and the Israelites rode dinosaurs across the Red Sea).

While I’m sure this will come as a massive shock, some of the people who read McBlogger are REPUBLICANS who hate Mucous as much as I do.

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